Green Gold

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Green Gold Oils and Hair Mist; Plant oils such as olive and jojoba offer supreme moisture, shine and protection. 

Green Gold Tonic

hair salon, hair salon products, green gold tonic

The essential oil lime also has amazing benefits for the hair and skin, it reduces dandruff and rejuvenates skin. 

Loc Soc

hair salon, hair salon products, sisterlocks, loc soc

Made of Lycra fabric, the standard Loc Soc is 16 inches long and fits comfortably on the head of most adults The perfect night cap to keep all of the locks together thus eliminating the likelihood of rolling over and pulling on them which causes stress and damage. 

Flairosol Spray Bottle

hair salon products, flairosol spray bottle

Spray bottle that mists to provide a larger area of coverage. Great to use with the Onesta Conditioning spray. 


hair salon, hair salon products, onesta

Onesta Hair Care’s commitment to the environment and sustainability is as

important as the products made and ingredients used. Onesta is free

of harmful chemicals, PETA approved, and a cruelty-free company. Discover just how great your hair can look and feel using pure, natural hair

care products, rich in antioxidants and Certified Organic botanical extracts

that revitalize, nurture and protect your hair.

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