Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I color my hair before or after my establishment?

Either is fine. If you choose to color your hair prior to your establishment however, you will not be able to get touch ups done as coloring the hair may interfere with the locking process.

How long does the establishment take?

The establishment process is very precise and detailed and can take anywhere from several hours to days. This is completely up to the consultant’s speed an length of hair.

How long will it take for the locks to mature/fully lock?

The locking process and time frame varies from texture to texture. The average time for locks to fully settle is anywhere from 6 months to 1 year or more.

Do I need to cut my hair prior to getting the establishment?

No. The cost of getting Sisterlocks™ establishments vary from consultant to consultant. Typically there is a starting cost for a minimum length and per inch cost afterwards.

How often should I come in for my retightenings?

In order to maintain the integrity of the locks, retightenings should be done consistently and frequently. The average time between retightenings can be anywhere from 4-6 weeks, depending on pace of hair growth.

How many locks will I have?

As long as the establishment of Sisterlocks™ are done according to the standard sectioning method, you will have the amount of locks appropriate for your density. It is important to maintain a healthy section of hair per lock structure to provide a stable root as the locks grow and mature overtime to prevent breakage or repairs in the future.

Things to Know Before Getting Sisterlocks

Before getting Sisterlocks, here are some tips to guide you

  • Research - It is important to conduct a thorough research on Sisterlocks™ and what it entails prior to getting your establishment. I have found that clients who explore resources to equip themselves with basic knowledge of the process, are more likely to end up with a more favorable, enjoyable journey than clients who don’t. You will need to interview your consultant and create a rapport before proceeding with the establishment process.

  • Consultation - The Sisterlocks™ package includes A CONSULTATION, THE 2-DAY (OR MORE) ESTABLISHMENT, FOLLOW UP RETIGHTENING AND A SISTERLOCKS™ STARTER KIT.  In order to get the proper analysis of the characteristics of your hair, you will need to have a clean head of hair at the time of your consultation. It is at this time that you and your potential consultant discuss in detail what to expect through your journey, explain what Sisterlocks™ are about, the locking process and the journey ahead. During this time as well, test locks are strategically placed in certain areas of the head for the client to feel and experience before returning for the establishment.

  • Establishment - Just as the Consultation phase, clients need to come for the establishment with a clean head of hair, preferably just shampooed within 48 hours of the appointment. This process usually takes about 2 days or more, depending on length of hair and availability on the schedule.  It is advised to bring tools to keep you comfortable, occupied an entertained as you get your establishment done.

  • Follow up appointment - this appointment is done about 2-3 weeks from the establishment date. Concerns and questions are addressed and answered in detail by the consultant at this time.


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