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Loc'dandFree Natural Hair Salon was founded in early 2010 after I decided to go natural. I decided to go ahead and do the "big chop" in 2010 after a gruesome period of trying to figure out what to do with my hair, a common problem I know most women of color today are dealing with. I went through the many interesting phases of my journey and through each one, I had the most gratifying feeling I had never experienced. I got to know about my hair, how it responded to products, how it reacted to the different elements in the air during the seasons, foods I consumed and many more. After it grew out to the point where I couldn't deal with combing through daily, I decided to get Sisterlocks. This way I felt I could still enjoy being chemical free and most importantly stress free.

In 2011, I took the Sisterlocks Training class and decided to build a business where I could help women who are struggling with either transitioning to natural hair or dealing with the confusion of styling and generally grooming their natural hair.

"Loc'dandFree" encompasses what we offer. We specialize in all types of locks and "free" natural hair. We carefully put styles in your hair, whether they are natural hair styles, locks or extensions without stressing the hair at the roots. Schedule a consultation today and we would love to

Monique Campbell


Bella is a Certified Sisterlocks consultant and believes that the foundation of a complete look is great hair! She believes in very thorough consultations in order to adequately meet the clients’ expectations. Once you sit in her chair, you are guaranteed the most professional customer service and excellent artistry. Growing up in Nigeria, Bella has been doing hair for as long as she can remember. Her creativity is her trademark. Although she specializes in Sisterlocks, her expertise encompasses braids, extensions, and locks and natural hair styling.

Grace Dompreh


Grace has been a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant since 2014 and recently decided to pursue her dream of becoming a full time Natural Hair Stylist and Cosmetologist. Grace's dedication to detail, enthusiasm for her craft, and devotion to continue learning the intricate dynamics of hair inspires us and we are excited to have her on our team.

Our Services

We work hard to get your hair to its maximum level of health.


Invigorating shampoo, new locks shampoo, deep penetrating condition, hot oil treatment, protein treatment, steam hydration, shampoo and style.

Traditional & Sisterlocks

Sisterlock establishment, retightening and repairs. Traditional locks start and maintenance with interlocking or palm rolling. Loc styles such as updos, roller sets, twist/braid outs, pipe cleaner sets, petals and bantu knot sets.

Natural Hair

Loose natural hair styles such as bantu sets, coils, cornrows, roller sets, two strand twists, braid outs, and updos. Invigorating shampoo included.


Kinky twists, cornrows, mohawk/updos, and crochet braids.


Sisterlock Process and Education

Sisterlocks is a trademark company founded in 1993 by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell. The Home Office is in San Diego, California, and there are trained practitioners and Certified Training Associates in over 30 other states. The company has developed an innovative approach to marketing its natural hair care system to African American women. The company motto says it all: “Sisterlocks is not about a hairstyle, it’s about a lifestyle.” Sisterlocks invites women who are interested in self-empowerment and cultural self expression, to embrace a natural hair care system that is self-affirming and truly gorgeous.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"As always, my appointment with you, Bella, was superb! Looking forward to next month's appointment"

Beverly Johnson

"Very great service! I expected my service time to be longer, but it was actually shorter! I'm really thrilled with my hair!!! Thanks Bella & Grace!"

Comfort Agbonlahor

"As always, my appointment with you, Bella, was superb! Looking forward to next month's appointment"

Beverly Johnson


We use these products exclusively in the salon as well as offer for sale.

Green Gold

Green Gold

Green Gold Oils and Hair Mist; Plant oils such as olive and jojoba offer supreme moisture, shine and protection.

Green Gold Tonic

Green Gold Tonic

The essential oil lime also has amazing benefits for the hair and skin, it reduces dandruff and rejuvenates skin.

Green Gold

Loc Soc

Made of Lycra fabric, the standard Loc Soc is 16 inches long and fits comfortably on the head of most adults The perfect night cap to keep all of the locks together thus eliminating the likelihood of rolling over and pulling on them which causes stress and damage

Green Gold

Flairosol Spray Bottle

Spray bottle that mists to provide a larger area of coverage. Great to use with the Onesta Conditioning spray.

Green Gold

Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo

This unique formula is created for new locks to help lift he cuticle of the hair and enable the form and mature properly. It is very light and leaves the hair and scalp feeling clean and refreshed.

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We work hard to get your hair to its maximum level of health. Contact us!

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